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Cordon Gris!

At Can Cook, we’ve been catering for older people across the Liverpool City Region for almost 2 years. Our COOKED chilled meals-on-wheels service delivers fresh, delicious meals to our customers each week; providing a much-needed service for dozens of individuals across Merseyside.

As a catering provision and anti-food poverty social enterprise, Can Cook is resolute in its efforts to improve the lifestyles of older people in our region. So far we’ve worked tirelessly to achieve this goal through the provision of good food and fresh produce, and now we’ve turned to innovative technology to support us in our mission.

Along with a host of European partners, including Liverpool’s very own Red Ninja Studios, we’ve been working to co-develop ‘Cordon Gris’; an upcoming smartphone application that will assist older people in managing meal plans, their grocery budgets, food choices and preventing malnutrition.

Older people in our most deprived communities are especially at risk of malnutrition, and with over 1.3 million over 65’s suffering from malnourishment in the UK alone, it’s our collective goal to provide older people with the tools they need to improve their health and ensure access to fresher food and a better lifestyle.

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