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Processing the Processed

Almost three weeks into 2017, let’s check how our new year’s resolutions are coming along. We’ve dodged the temptation of the Saturday night takeaway twice, we’ve learned what to do with kale, and the house has been transformed into a chocolate-free zone (mainly because all the Christmas goodies have already been scoffed by our less […]

Battle of the Breakfast

So your 9:30 meeting has been pushed forward, the boiler’s broke again and the kids are finishing last night’s homework instead of getting dressed for school. Most mornings can be stressful enough as it is, and all the confusing messages about what’s best to give your family for breakfast only makes matters worse. Here’s our […]

Leigh Sheridan

  Somehow we all believe ourselves to be masters of our own ships and controllers of our own future. We imagine that the paths to where we’re going will be as linear and uninterrupted as we hoped they’d be the moment we decided to create them. For better or worse, that’s rarely the case. Once […]

School food, done properly..

    Laura McCumiskey joined the Can Cook Team as Development Manager in the Summer of 2015, part of her time at Can Cook has been spent developing Good Food models for all of our customers; ensuring that everybody we meet is able to access good quality, fresh foods that support their nutritional needs. Laura […]