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So your 9:30 meeting has been pushed forward, the boiler’s broke again and the kids are finishing last night’s homework instead of getting dressed for school. Most mornings can be stressful enough as it is, and all the confusing messages about what’s best to give your family for breakfast only makes matters worse. Here’s our top 5 tips to keeping breakfasts healthy, easy, enjoyable and one less thing to worry about in the early hours.

  1. Keep it Simple: Okay, so the homemade cinnamon-pumpkin pancakes topped with unsweetened coconut that you saw on Instagram last night did look delicious (and nutritious), and if you didn’t have a thousand other things to be doing in the morning you’d probably whip them up, but who really has the time? Keeping breakfasts simple saves time and can be just as tasty.
  2. Know Your Audience: The kids aren’t always going to enjoy every nutritional breakfast you suggest, and to be honest neither are you. And that’s okay. Instead of engaging in the morning battle of child vs food, be open to experiment until you find something the family will genuinely appreciate. With recent studies showing that children consume over half their daily sugar allowance before school, it’s best to provide healthy alternatives that the kids can get actually excited about
  3. A Family Affair: The thought of having to prepare several different breakfasts in the morning to satisfy everyone’s tiny taste buds can have you reaching for the all-appeasing sugary cereal box quicker than you can say coco pops. Having a few recipes that all the family can enjoy means the only thing you’ll have to manage in the morning is the portion sizes.
  4.  It’s All in the Prep: Most tasks are hard to face before your morning coffee; choosing a healthy breakfast for the family is definitely one of them. Preparing breakfast the night before can be a lifesaver the next day and reduces the risk of settling for a sugary no-fuss option.
  5. Progress Not Perfection: It’s okay to give the kids their favourite sugary cereal as a treat every once in a while, or on one of those hectic mornings when thinking about a healthy breakfast is the last thing on your mind. No one is perfect 100% of the time, and as long as it doesn’t become a daily habit, don’t sweat about surrendering to the frosties every now and again. We won’t tell if you won’t.

Check out some of our favourite breakfast recipes on the links below:

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