Our nursery catering provides early years children with the nutrition they need to learn, play and grow.

We believe it is our role to support early years settings in helping children to make healthy choices about their food choices.

All of our nursery catering meals are hand prepared in our production kitchen by our chefs. We only use fresh ingredients, free from additional additives and preservatives, using items you would recognise in the kitchen cupboard.

Our menus are packed with fresh, locally produced ingredients and include a variety of traditional meals and more inventive dishes designed to promote new flavours and tastes to children. Our menu will rotate seasonally and contain either meat or fish with vegetarian and vegan options each day. We make every effort to ensure that both the meat or fish and vegetarian option are similar in appearance to avoid singling out children with dietary requirements.

Our meals are always delivered freshly chilled, ready to be cooked. By working with us, nurseries have the full control over their catering service giving greater flexibility, reducing waste and costs at the same time.

Download our nursery sample menu here, please share it with anyone who might be interested in our fresh, early years catering service

Our Nursery Catering

Produce & package your meals:

Local procurement is key to our long-term business model. When possible, we only use suppliers local to our operation to support local businesses and protect local jobs. This in turn, is not only beneficial for the local economy but also the environment; by reducing carbon-omissions from limiting the distance goods are transported.

Our food is chef-prepared in our Shotton based production kitchen. All meals are packed and sealed freshly cooked in recyclable heat-resistant trays without the need for any additives or preservatives. Meals are then labelled, with allergen declarations and heating instructions ready for delivery.

We deliver to you:

Using our refrigerated vehicles, we deliver meals to our customers, to avoid the need for large amounts of storage. Once delivered, can be stored in any fridge ready for your staff to take out and simply reheat using the instructions provided.

The benefits of using our service?

Flexibility to reheat meal at a time convenient for you

Reduce food waste and staffing costs

Locally sourced ingredients

Nutritionally balanced meals

Contain at least one portion of a child’s five a day

Only contain ingredients that you would find in your kitchen


We have been extremely impressed with both the service, delivery and quality of food provided. The children and staff love it, as do the parents as they hear how much variety and nutritional value their children get at each mealtime. The food arrives promptly, freshly made and chilled, ready for us to heat up at our own convenience. Our previous supplier went into administration and so we had to find a quick alternative solution very fast. Can Cook/Well-Fed were very helpful and flexible in making such a fast transition and supported our consultations with parents, by offering food samples and sharing information during our parents evening. This really helped to get our parents on board. We are truly grateful for this service and will always highly recommend.
Louise Roy
Owner/Director, New Brighton Day Nursery

Dietary requirements

We appreciate that allergies and specific dietary requirements can make meal-times challenging and understand the pressures that catering for large numbers can present. To enable smooth running of your operations, we cater for most dietary requirements.


When choosing our nursery catering, as part of our consultation, we will discuss your dietary requirements in detail.

Allergen information

We make every effort to ensure that children with allergies or intolerances are catered for appropriately. However, we do require you to partner with us to ensure that children with allergies aren’t given any food that is unsuitable. Please see our terms and conditions for more information. Full allergen information for each of our dishes is available on product labelling.

When choosing our nursery catering, as part of our consultation, we will discuss your dietary requirements in detail.


  1. Consultation – We visit your nursery to gain an understanding of your requirements.
  2. Arrange a Taster Session – We are confident in the quality of our meals we offer you the chance to try our service before any commitment.
  3. Finalise detail – Ensure that we have all correct details and make appropriate delivery arrangements.
  4. Deliver food – Our food is hand prepared and delivered to you. We transport our food in refrigerated vehicles to ensure that food is safe and fresh to eat.

Looking for more information on how we can cater for your nursery?

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