Programmes for 2021

Slow cooking

We provide households with slow cookers and our specially designed slow cooker bags – each bag contains a recipe card and the fresh ingredients to enable families to cook tasty, nutritious meals. We work to support every household for a 6-week period, giving households enough time to improve their circumstances.

Mobile FoodStore

Food banks are static and often only provide processed products and never meals. We are committed to providing fresh meals and delivering those meals door-to-door. This helps stop any stigma attached to people needing assistance. Our mobile FoodStore is the first of its kind.

Mobile shopping

We work with rural communities and some communities have limited access to good food options. Our mobile-corner-shop will overcome this and be able to offer meals and staple goods at affordable prices and into estates/villages who would otherwise rely on the need to travel for food or only being able to purchase mostly processed food at inflated prices.

We are campaigners

Hunger is an entrenched blight on most of our communities, affecting millions of people. Our social programme offers routes away from hunger for many households, but we also have a role in tackling the bigger picture. This means telling our story to the widest possible audiences. To do so, we blog, we promote, and we research. Our aim is to change how food poverty is addressed nationwide and our aim is to see that every hungry person is fed well.


We’re doing what we can to ensure everyone has access to healthy nutritious food, we’re tackling this in two ways; we have to provide fresh quality ingredients and we have to provide people with the training to cook simple delicious meals. Keep coming back to see what we’re doing to combat food poverty and nutritional deficiency.

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