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We cook great food, so you can simply enjoy great food.

We are a fresh food business, providing catering & food aid services predicated on never compromising on quality. Established since 2007, we ensure everyone has access to good fresh food.

We create meals that allow everyone to eat well and cook easy and our aim is to become the first company worldwide to not use any Ultra Processed Food within our recipes.

About Can Cook & Well-Fed

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Good… Removing Ultra-processed food.

Good report highlights the damaging impact of ultra-processed food – and shows how to remove it from schools, hospitals, care homes and prisons

Today at Well-Fed we launch our latest report, Good: removing ultra-processed food.

It combines the latest research, industry insight and feedback from our customers to dissect how – and why – we must remove ultra-processed food from the public supply chain…

Each and every single meal we make, makes a very big difference.

Our aim is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to Eat Well & Cook Easy at mealtimes.

With a wide range of delicious meals to choose from, we take pride in providing catering services that are prepared to order, just for you.

Thanks for taking an interest in our food, and we hope to see you as a customer sometime soon.

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