Cooking at home, made easy!

So, you want to cook at home and want to make sure you eat healthier, great tasting meals and maybe you don’t have much time on your hands – this is why we have created our Well-Fed at Home Meal Boxes.

Each Box is designed to help you eat well and cook easy at home.

Each Box will also help you to prepare perfect home-cooked meals time after time and if you want things even easier, we offer a range of delicious ready meals too.

Everything is packed into our special delivery box and delivered direct to your door – simple to order and affordable

There is plenty more choice available with new meals added each week.

Our Meal Boxes

Our Well-Fed Meal Box is full of tasty, specially designed Cook Easy recipes and Slow Cooker Bags ready for you to cook at home. With simple recipes to follow, and all of the ingredients measured out to your convenience cooking from fresh has never been easier.

Our Ready Meals

We know cooking from fresh can sometimes be time-consuming, which is why we’ve developed a range of tasty ready meals, so you can enjoy the goodness of a freshly home-cooked meal straight from your oven or microwave.

Family Box

£45 includes 5 x 4 person meals

2-Person Box

£35 includes 5 x 2 person meals

5 Meals


7 Meals


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