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The 80% Factor

For some time now we have been alerting the public to a food-aid predicament. Set up to feed hungry people, food-aid in fact does quite the opposite with only 20% of those going hungry choosing to go to food banks. The reason? The stigma families face from requiring food-aid often acts as a deterrent to […]


Introducing Good Food Aid Standards

Recently, the number of people using food banks were said to have increased substantially. In Wales alone, the use of food banks is up by 14% on previous estimates. Throughout the UK, the issue of poverty and how it is to be tackled is the biggest single social issue we face. ‘Hungry children struggle to […]

The Trussell Trust Report: A Missed Opportunity

If you have not read the TT report yet, here is their blog and link to the report. Recent evidence from Canada states that food insecure adults are more vulnerable to chronic health conditions – conditions that require a good diet and care to stave off illness. Without doubt the same applies here – hence […]