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Hunger and poor diet is a blight on our communities – over 50% of people in the UK can no longer afford healthier food. Instead, households are bombarded with millions of adverts each year and offers taking them towards a diet that threatens their health and wellbeing. As much as 75% of food consumed in the UK is Ultra Processed Food – food known to be as harmful as tobacco and alcohol. Without alternatives, what is already a public health crisis, will get much worse.

Our frontline work is our evidence and through partnerships with influencers/decision makers, our campaigns set out to establish policy change at local and national government levels. We produce reports, we deliver conferences, we appear on TV and we give evidence to committees in parliament – we campaign for real change.


Campaigns & Social Impact

Here is a copy of our campaign approaches, click on the image to enlarge.

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Well-Fed Review of 2023

Well-Fed Review of 2023

2023 has proved a big year for us here at Can Cook/Well-Fed. We’ve worked with a number of partners across…
Good Report Petition

Good Report Petition

Sign our petition and help make changes to school food happen.

Ultra-Processed Foods – Support our campaign to change school food.

Ultra-Processed Foods – Support our campaign to change school food.

Following the publication of our recent report, Good: Removing Ultra-Processed Food; we are asking parents across the country to support our campaign for change.

Beyond Food Banks

Here is a short clip covered by ITV about our campaign to provide fresh food to everyone in crisis. Charlene & Robbie talk about why it is important to feed everybody good food regardless of their circumstances.

Good cover
Good Report

Our Good report highlights the impact of our work so far and is the start of our campaign to remove Ultra-Processed Food from School menu’s.

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