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Somehow we all believe ourselves to be masters of our own ships and controllers of our own future. We imagine that the paths to where we’re going will be as linear and uninterrupted as we hoped they’d be the moment we decided to create them. For better or worse, that’s rarely the case.

Once graduating from university I found myself lost on the road I’d created for myself three years previously. There was no trail of breadcrumbs to remember how I’d navigated the journey so far, and there was only a foggy obscurity ahead.

Fortunately, that’s when I discovered Agent Academy: a programme created by Agent Marketing to help young people just like me who knew what their passions were but were unsure which avenues were best to manifest them. Through Agent I had the opportunity to meet amazing creative companies throughout the North West, each an innovative addition to England’s ever-expanding digital marketing culture.

When Agent introduced us to Can Cook I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it as a catering service and of its reputation for healthy affordable dishes, but not much else. When Robbie and Laura described to the academy the work they do to tackle food poverty, I was more than shocked. As the session went on they broke down every misconception I had about food poverty in the city region and provided the tactical solutions they undertook to defeat the problem. There was a transparency about the company that was refreshing and thought-provoking: they genuinely cared. I saw the level of enthusiasm the team had for making a substantial difference, and though I wanted a piece of it, I didn’t know how my interests in marketing and content production could help. Luckily Can Cook did…and here I am.

Not everybody endures such a smooth pathway, for many the road is often more turbulent and the opportunities to change their journey are limited and rarely present themselves along the way. That’s what Can Cook does. Their work can change the directions of those who need it; allowing them to be fulfilled, nourished, supported and most importantly, hopeful. Can Cook has a mission to end food poverty in the city region, a mighty task we know, but with the right dedication it’s definitely an achievable one. And I’m honoured to be part of it.

Thank you to Robbie and Laura for the opportunity and thanks to all the team for being so welcoming.


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