The importance of eating fresh and cooking at home.

These days we work further from our homes, our children attend classes far and wide , and local green grocers, fish mongers and butchers have long since left our highstreets, the cost of fresh ingredients is astronomical. It is much more convenient and cost effective to feed our families Ultra Processed Food (UPF) than it is to cook a meal from scratch using local ingredients.

As a social food business we run mobile shops and hubs within our communities to get everyone, regardless of income benefiting from confident scratch cooking at home, and for those who can no longer cook for themselves we have a wonderful selection of ready meals available that have all been lovingly cooked from scratch here by our wonderful chefs.

A problem we find with our delivery method is busy families are often unavailable during the day times so unfortunately cannot make it to the mobile shops or hubs, so we have been busy finding a solutions that enable everyone regardless of income level, access to whole meals cooked from scratch in an easy and convenient way, whilst at the same time giving them the confidence and skills needed to feed themselves and their families well.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat that day, teach him how to fish and he will eat forever”

Introducing MealLockers…

Introducing MealLockers, refrigerators outdoor lockers, so you can collect your recipe packs and staples at a time that suits a busy lifestyle.

How MealLockers work :

  • You lease the MealLocker from us, and place it outside your desired location- community centre, church, shoppimg centre, hospital, housing estate etc..
  • We prep and pack the locally sourced, Zero-UPF ingredients/ pastes into a recipe pack
  • The public or staff, log in, pre order and pay on their phone/desktop for the desired recipe packs or fridge staples such as eggs milk cheese bread, and choose a collection time to suit their needs
  • We fill the locker 3-5 times a week, this can be more dependent on usage
  • Public/staff head to the MealLocker scan the phone and a locker will open and they can take home their Zero UPF shopping

Our Menu

Meat dishes £6 – £10

(Serves family of 4)

  • Thai style chicken kebab with cooling coconut chutney
  • One pot chicken biriyani
  • Italian pork ragu
  • Beef kofta with mushroom rice
  • Honey glazed pork sausage traybake
  • Hearty ham and lentil soup
  • Chilli beef and rice
  • Creamy chicken and mushroom pasta
  • Roast chicken dinner, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, veg, and our signature Zero-UPF gravy

Veggie Dishes £6-£10

(Serves a family of 4)

  • Vegetable and lentil stew
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Tomato, potato and lentil curry
  • Sweet potato chilli with corn cakes
  • Vegetarian roast dinner with all the trimmings, and our signature Zero-UPF gravy

By choosing MealLocker for your organisation, you’re actively supporting our drive for a better, safer, and fairer food system!


Social Impact: As a social food business, we reinvest our profits to offer cookery training, recipe packs, and ready meals to those in need. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, UPF-free food, irrespective of their income. Our commitment to the health of our people, planet, and economy is evidenced by our emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, local employment, and from-scratch cooking.

Packaging:  Over the last few months we minimized wrapping size by half and switched to home compostable bags and for the few things that home compostable materiales can not be used we use minimum packaging and recyclable products,   recognizing that caring for the planet knows no income bounds.

Energy: We fuel our kitchen with solar power and have a firm target to transition our entire fleet to 100% electric by 2025.

Food: Delivering top-notch Zero-UPF meals is our ultimate priority. We’ve devoted considerable time and effort to perfecting our extensive range of dishes, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our top-tier food safety standards, with a 5-star rating from EHO and SALSA accreditation.

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