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What do we offer? 

Here at Well-Fed we’re on a mission to get you and your family to Eat Well and Cook Easy, this is why we have created our Slow Cooking programme.

Our programme is all about building people’s relationships with food and getting everyone back in the kitchen cooking. At well fed, we want everyone to eat well regardless of income or circumstance.

Our programme provides people with access to good quality fresh food that they can cook easily and cheaply at home.  

Whether its comfort food you’re after, a vegetarian dish or slow cooker bags give you the opportunity to get the family around the table and enjoy a home cooked meal together.

“Cooking for a family can often be a chore, but it really doesn’t have to be. Our slow cooker bags are fresh, tasty, nutritious and convenient”.


Rachael Oley – Well-Fed Social Projects Manager

How does it work?  

We run our slow cooker sessions in local communities and work with groups of 10-15 for four weeks.

Everyone who takes part receives a slow cooker and takes home two of our slow cooker bags free of charge each week. 

Participation is arranged through our network with community and council leaders.

What is a slow cooker bag?


Our slow cooker bags are designed to feed a family of four and contain;

  • Fresh meat and vegetables from a local supplier network
  • Pre-portioned ingredients to avoid any food waste
  • Our special spice and paste pots created by our chefs to ensure that every meal turns out perfectly every time
  • Our easy to follow recipe card which enables you to cook at home

What is the social impact of the programme?

The slow cooker programme has an extremely positive impact within local communities and the benefit to the participants is hugely beneficial. We know that eating well can drastically change the way someone thinks, feels and helps with decision making and general well-being.


“If people eat well, they cope well and if they don’t, they don’t”.

Charlotte – Slow Cooker Programme Participant

“I attended the slow cooker course through Well-Fed and I can honestly say it has helped me so much. Before the course started, I had literally no knowledge of healthy eating and had built up a bad relationship with food. From growing up in a disadvantaged family who had access to very little or even no food at times, to developing an eating disorder in my late teens, I couldn’t even cut a vegetable, let alone think about tasting them.

I had little confidence in cooking and as a single parent of three children, I realised that I needed to make changes. I then joined the sessions and everything was literally explained step by step and the Well-Fed team were so patient and made me feel at ease. Now after four sessions I have gone away with so much more confidence and knowledge to pass onto my children and set a example that good, healthy food can be easy to prepare and is cheaper than premade convenient foods”.

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