Social Programmes

Our social mission is clear, we want to ensure that everyone has access to fresh food regardless of income levels. That is why we are committed to using our profits and working with funders & partners to provide services which enable people to access the food they so often need.

Riverside Foundation

We understand that for many healthy, fresh produce is not always easily available, or affordable, that’s why we have teamed up with Riverside Housing to change this across two major estates in the North West region of England.

In January 2024, we launched two programmes, Well-Fed Colshaw Farm and Well-Fed Langley and will be offering free, and subsidised meal delivery services, local cookery lessons and later in 2024 access to a Mobile Shop ensuring everybody is able to eat good food, regardless of their income levels.

The partnership is a 3-year programme intending to offer every resident access to healthy, fresh meals. The focus is creating a long-term solution to poor diet and being able to support households through the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Meal Box Delivery services

Our Well-Fed Meal box Programme has been designed to help everyone cook fresh meals easily and runs for 12 weeks for each participant. Each week we deliver every household a meal box, comprised of 5 fresh recipe packs as well as everyday essential items such as bread, milk, eggs butter and cheese.

Each recipe pack contains all of the fresh ingredients and well as easy to follow recipe cards, needed to create a freshly prepared, delicious meal.

The service runs for 12 weeks for each household. The first 4 weeks of meals are free and the following 8 weeks are charged at a discounted rate. For the 12-week period, each household will receive a total of £540 worth of food, at a cost of £100 all together.

Over the next three years we will:

  • Support 720 families
  • Deliver 9000 meal boxes
  • Provide 36,000 free or subsidised meals

Slow Cooker Programme

Our slow cooker programme has been designed to build people’s relationship with good food.

Our 4-week courses provide people with the knowledge and equipment to get into the kitchen for the first time, or back into the kitchen, cooking from scratch.

Every participant receives a free slow cooker, a total of 8 free recipe packs to take home and additional cookery lessons.

Over the next three years we will:

  • Provide 30 slow cooker courses
  • Train 360 families to cook
  • Give away 2880 FREE recipe packs

Riverside Housing Tenant Feedback

‘It has been great, I have really enjoyed cooking from scratch. Before the course started, I didn’t have the time to cook and often was too tired when I got home from work. The course has pushed me to make the time to batch-cook when I am off so that I am now cooking from scratch every week. I just wish the course was longer!’


Our Previous Work

Neo Community Meal Box Programme

Over a 12 month period we provided families across Wirral Borough with fresh food meal boxes. Each family received food boxes containing the ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards to create three family-friendly, healthier family meals together.

By working with Neo Community and their partner networks within 57 local schools & nurseries, we were able to deliver 15,951 Meal Boxes, which is the equivalent to 47,853 family meals, or 191,412 individual meals.

Flintshire Holiday Hunger

Working with partnership with Flintshire County Council we provide over 26,000 fresh meals to individuals across Flintshire during school holidays. It is well reported that many children go hungry due to the absence of a school meal as the additional financial burden is placed onto families.

In the Summer of 2019, we provided a total of 21,789 hot meals to children’s playschemes across the county with the help of volunteers from Flintshire.

Since then, we have continued to provided food-aid as part of Well-Fed. operational activity. To date we have provided 4,259 meals to families during school holidays. We have also made a commitment to provide families with a home delivery of a 3 course Christmas Dinner Hamper, feeding a family of 4 and to date we have provide  hundreds of families with Well-Fed Christmas Hampers.


We would like to thank our partners for their continued support that enables us to carry out the great work we do.

Supporters & Funders

We would like to thank the organisations & funders who have continued to support our work.