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Introducing The Mobile Shop…

The Mobile Shop officially launched in January 2022 and is open to anyone who wishes to purchase from our wide selection of ready meals, recipe packs & household staples. The overall purpose of The Mobile Shop is to ensure local residents across North Wales had access to fresh and affordable food choices.

We identify our locations by working in partnership with the local authorities, housing associations and community groups. Our Mobile Shop team are committed to building relationships within the local community and providing excellent customer service.

Our Mobile Shops are crucial to giving communities a choice to access fresh food. The shops have became a vital resource that our customers rely on as many rural & semi rural areas we visit have little or no access to a supermarket. In providing our shop service, our impact has been significant, improving the diets of people of all ages.

What do the Mobile Shops provide?

At Well- Fed we specialise in producing fresh and tasty meals for everyone. On the shop we provide a selection of individual ready meals as well as our slow cooker and cook easy recipe packs. The Mobile Shop also provides a range of staple items such as Milk, Bread, Eggs, Fruit and Veg packs and much more.

Foodstore sausage and mash
Ready Meals

A selection of ready meals are available weekly. All meals can be microwaved or oven cooked. You can purchase upon visiting the shop or using our pre-order option. Price: £2.25.

Our menu include;

Traditional Dishes like Sausage and Mash, Beef Bolognese & Roast Dinners

We also offer a selection of fish based dishes, stew, casseroles & curries for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

Fresh ingredients for slow cooker bag
Cook Easy & Slow Cooker Bags

Our bags are designed to feed two adults and two children. Each bag contain fresh ingredients and a easy to follow  recipe card to enable you to cook at home. Price Range £4.50 – £6.50 per bag.

Our menu includes;

Family favourites such as Pulled Chicken, Italian Meatballs and Beef Hot Pot.

Whilst our ‘Cook Easy’ range includes; Creamy Chicken Fajitas & Rice, Cajun Pork Burger and Mushroom Risotto.


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Staples & Essentials

Our shops were designed for your convenience and to reach those who have limited access to a local shop or supermarket. We all occasionally forgot to pick up bread, so we’ve got you covered.

We sell staples items, such as;

Milk, Bread, Cheese, Fruit & Vegetables, Breakfast Cereals, Tea, Coffee and Tinned Foods.

Our household essentials can also be purchased and include everything from cleaning products, to toiletries.

How we work.

We pride ourselves on making sure every one of our customers receive the best service possible.
We identify areas in need by liaising with local authorities, housing associations and community groups.
Our meals are then prepared by our team of chefs in our production kitchen and then carefully packed.
The Mobile Shops are then stocked with individual meals, slow cooker bags and cook easy recipes. We also ensure the shops are fully stocked with essential items such as bread, milk, eggs & much more.
We arrive at locations ready to provide a quality service. Customers have the option to pay cash or card payments whilst also offering the opportunity to pre-order from the following weeks menu.

Where to find The Mobile Shop?

Customers can purchase from The Mobile Shop from a number of locations.

For more information  or to discuss arranging The Mobile Shop please contact

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