Let’s talk about removing Ultra-Processed Food

Ultra-processed food (UPF), is a relatively new food group, categorised as food that has undergone extensive processing often containing colourings, flavourings and emulsifiers. These are ingredients you wouldn’t generally find in your kitchen cupboard. If you read the label on a product and it has an extensive ingredient list, full of words you wouldn’t really recognise to be food, then its more than likely UPF. The chemical additives help to make the food more palatable; they manipulate texture and colour or provide a longer shelf-life and make the food addictive.

There is increasing evidence of how harmful UPF is to our mental and physical health and the damage its doing to our environment too. Here at Well-Fed we are absolutely committed to ensure everyone regardless of income or ability is able to eat good food that’s been cooked from scratch, either by us or by you at home.

Our The Mobile Shop or Well-Fed Hubs are great places where you can pick up affordable high quality ready meals or family recipe packs and join the UPF free revolution with us!!!

At present in the UK there is no agreed definition for UPF and they are not referred to in any government dietary recommendations, However, food classification, known as NOVA, classified foods into four groups. Anything in NOVA group 4 is UPF and should be avoided. NOVA 4 is heavily weighted around treats so don’t think you can never eat a cake again, simply try making your own treats such as cakes using whole food ingredients such as butter not margarine and use fresh fruits juices to make homemade ice lollies and other sweet treats.

NOVA Groups
Whole or minimally processed food, such as; Fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, meat, herbs, milk.
Culinary ingredients. Oils, sugars, flours, salt, honey, cereals, vinegars, butter.
Processed foods. A combination of any food or ingredients from groups 1 and 2, such as, cheese, cakes, breads, canned beans.
Ultra Processed Food. Foods such as industrialised breads, high sugar breakfast cereals, frozen pizza, condiments, sausages and chicken nuggets.

Easy ways to cook fresh…

Why not have a go at making your own soup!

Use up what you’ve got lurking at the back of the cupboards, or that sack of carrots you ordered thinking it was a small bag. Or if you are simply hungry and can’t decide what you feel like.

Making your own soup is not only good for health, its also good for the soul too.

Don’t forgot to tag us in any pictures you take of your creations


Download here

Here is a short video on how to make Ultra-Processed Free Bread Rolls with only 5 ingredients.

Removing Ultra-Processed Food… 

Our Good report highlights the damaging impact of ultra-processed food – and shows how to remove it from schools, hospitals, care homes and prisons


Our latest report, Good: removing ultra-processed food combines the latest research, industry insight and feedback from our customers to dissect how – and why – we must remove ultra-processed food from the public supply chain. It implores policy makers across the UK move away from the ultra-processed food industry, to fresh, locally produced meals.


To truly benefit public health, it is vital that public sector commissioning moves towards encouraging/ protecting quality and social value = 45% quality – 30% cost – 25% social value.


We believe that a social food model for public sector contracts is needed now, to make sure we can feed everyone well, regardless of income.

Good also outlines the damaging effects UPF is having on our long-term health. Industrially manufactured to be convenient and cheap, and with more healthy foods over twice as expensive per calorie as less healthy options, UPFs are found in 75% of current school meals and 56% of calories consumed by older children and adults. Well-Fed is the first food company in the UK to commit to taking all UPFs out of our menu by December 2023.

As a regular part of a person’s diet UPF increases their risk of:

  • Cancer by 10%

  • Dementia by 26%

  • Alzheimer’s by 14%

  • The chances of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, depression, irritable bowel syndrome and early death by 26%

With support from our partners Can Cook & ClwydAlyn Housing Association  we ask everyone to read the Good Report and help us to campaign for change.